Sam Lihou (Head of Production)

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Your dream Hackathon destination would be..?

Somewhere on the coast with surf! Or mountains, although that might make the death march even more precarious...

Okay, so how did you get into Software Development?

I started my career as a designer - graduating with a BA in Graphic Design - but I've always built websites and apps on the side and slowly that has trickled into my day-to-day job role. Recently it's been a more focused push in that direction, made so much easier by learning amazing tech that's readily available, such as React and AWS - it's now so much easier to code cool stuff, and more enjoyable too.

If you could put your talent to use for a dream client, who would they be and what would you like to work on for them?

I'd love to work on the Spotify platform. It's a really good piece of software and something that I use every single day. Last year I clocked 95,000 minutes of listening...

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