Our Incubator Program

We know that there's already loads of incubator programs out there.

But we’ve found that a lot of these programs are very rigid - requiring founders to commit to weeks or months of scheduled talks and workshops. And they’re often missing one thing that investors love to see - a first version of the actual product.

So we wondered - could there be another way? A way that we can give founders the support and guidance they need, but also work on building a proof-of-concept, prototype or MVP?

We’re proud to launch the Gravitywell Incubator - a pragmatic, tailored program to drive your tech start-up forward.

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A program as unique as your start-up

Before we - and you - commit to anything, we want to get on the same page about where you are currently and your vision for the business. We value in-person sessions as a great way to break the ice, show you our office and introduce you to our team!

During these workshops, we’ll delve into the details of your business to establish the best next steps for you. We’ll cover aspects of market research, marketing, wireframing, pitch prep and more - to understand what you’ve done already and where you might need support.

Bring it to life

We know that sometimes, a prototype, proof of concept or MVP is what stands between startups and potential investment - and Gravitywell is uniquely positioned to serve this space.

At the heart of our incubator program is the first build of your product. This is a pared-back, initial version which demonstrates the potential and market value of your business - perhaps by allowing you to launch to an initial user base or show the potential of a certain technology to investors.

Let's do it

A build-your-own support program

In the initial discussions, we’ll have offered a variety of consultancy - and there might be areas where you’d like more support. Rather than dictating what you can and can’t have, we’ve designed the incubator with a build-your-own approach to these offerings, so you can pick where your time and money are best spent.

Incubator clients get 30 hours of consultancy included in the program - worth over £4000 - and we’ll advise you on where we think this time would be best spent.

If you need additional time with our team, you’ll get a reduced hourly rate on these services.

If there’s anything else that you’re looking for, let us know - we can probably help! We have a strong network of partners we can refer you to for anything we can’t directly provide - and we’re happy to look over quotes and proposals for other suppliers you work with.

Pitch decks & pitches

Technical scoping

User research


Brand workshops

Marketing & launch

Investment & grants

Flexible funding options

We understand that before you’ve secured investment, spending money on building anything can be a stretch - so we want to make sure there’s funding options for our incubator that are flexible and inclusive.

Our payment structure allows you the choice between paying in cash or equity - or a combination of the two. If an equity or pay-later model sounds like it’d work best for part of your funding, let us know - we’re happy to discuss the options in more detail.

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