Inflatable flamingo

Well as they say, all good things must come to an end. After a jam-packed week full of hard work, learning, and laughter (and muchas, muchas cervezas), we spent our last morning at El Molino Del Conde wrapping up our hackathon project.

Hugo and Sam working on laptops beside pool

Our expedition to Granada had left us well and truly exhausted — probably not helped by half of the group taking a curious detour towards Valencia on the drive back to El Molino Del Conde.

The Alhambra Granada

We set off for Jesús’ home city of Granada, enjoying the epic Andalusian landscapes along the way.

Laura on laptop looking at cat colours

Into our fourth full day and we were really on a roll. The slightly inclement weather forced us to stay inside for most of the day, spread across the kitchen and living room in the familiar position of hunched-over-laptop.

Goats and goatherd

It was an early November morning, the sun was beating down, and there was a herd of goats by the swimming pool.