Another year, another Gravitywell hackathon in the bag. We’ve recently returned to Bristol from the scenic hills of Andalucia, following a successful week researching and developing a machine learning model to reunite owners with their lost pets.

We are looking for an ambitious, talented and enthusiastic Full Stack developer with commercial React experience, to become an integral part of the team.

In our industry, a comfy chair, decent computer and some reliable WiFi connection is all you really need. *Empties Amazon basket.* Nonetheless, as a bunch of creative geeks, thinkers and grafters here at Gravitywell, we each have our own (no, developers aren’t robots) spin on things. So, let’s give you what you really want, and take you #ThroughTheKeyboard.

With lockdown forcing businesses into alternative work arrangements, the challenges we face reach further than logistics. In this extraordinarily testing time, how do you preserve the mental health of your creative team?

We recently announced the launch of our revolutionary SaaS startup Mezze, designed specifically for the food industry. We’re extremely proud of Mezze, so we came up with a smashing way to mark its release.