Another absolute rollercoaster of a year is hurtling to an end. Phew! But while big wheel kept on turning, and proud Mary (or planet Earth?) kept on burning, we cracked on with some incredible projects. Here’s a roundup of what we did this year.

We recently announced the launch of our revolutionary SaaS startup Mezze, designed specifically for the food industry. We’re extremely proud of Mezze, so we came up with a smashing way to mark its release.

The world’s largest tech expo never fails to amaze. While it’s the usual suspects (mobile phones, massive TVs, electric vehicles etc.) who typically grab the headlines, it’s the array of wacky products unveiled across the Las Vegas conference centres that makes the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the event that it is.

Another year, another Gravitywell hackathon in the bag. We’ve recently returned to Bristol from the scenic hills of Andalucia, following a successful week researching and developing a machine learning model to reunite owners with their lost pets.