Henry Osadzinski (Operations Manager)

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How did you get into your role?

I actually started out as a developer (which had its own roundabout path, starting with qualifying as a librarian… I tend to fall into things!) here at Gravitywell. As time went on and I spent more time talking to clients, I realised that I had a passion for dreaming up solutions and making sure that every idea had a chance to grow into something cool and useful.

Your Hackathon dream destination would be..?

The SCUBA diver in me wants to say Mexico but I doubt I'd have much time to spend in the cenotes while we're building an app. Instead, I'll say New York City. With almost everything available 24/7, huge and fast-moving tech and creative communities, and, of course, fast internet, fantastic food and views, you can't go wrong!

What's your favourite piece of tech and why?

I have to pick my Olympus Trip 35 film camera. Even though it’s older than me and doesn't even run on batteries, it’s capable of using solar power to read light levels and automatically set the right exposure for the shot. It’s such a cool little example of thoughtful, resourceful engineering that’ll last for many years to come.

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