Mission Statement

Gravitywell enjoys lots of variation in types of project and client. Technology is constantly evolving and through our R&D work, we ensure that we remain on the cutting edge.

What we provide for our clients encompasses so much more than just software development. We support branding, service design, pitching & investment, ideation, UX and consultancy, amongst others. 

We also make the time to explore our own ideas and seek opportunities to use our skills & knowledge to help others.

In the startup space, we’re uniquely positioned to guide fledgling businesses. We can help the client to weave in solid foundations for sustainability and responsible business practises, before it takes off.

We aim to understand the impact of our client's business in collaboration with stakeholders. Using our industry knowledge, we will put in place systems and processes to reduce and minimise the environmental impact of our client's activities.

We’re proud to be clear and direct about our mission:

Mission Statement

To guide innovative new tech initiatives towards both success and environmental sustainability.