Julian Regan (Full Stack Developer)

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Who would be your dream client and what would you like to work on for them?

I can’t really think of a specific client but I’d love to work on an AI wearable tech project. There’s something about the tangible nature of hardware that makes development especially rewarding and being able to combine that with my passion for machine learning would be amazing!

How did you get into software development?

The first actual app I worked on beyond experiments and hobby projects was for my friend’s Dad’s friend from down the pub (genuinely). He sold tights on eBay and Amazon and wanted a way to consolidate his orders into one place and print out branded invoices automatically. It was a really fun project which kickstarted my passion for process improvement and automation through technology and ultimately led me to where I am today!

Your Hackathon dream destination would be..?

I spent some time in the coastal town of Ericeira, Portugal recently and absolutely loved it. With a beautiful old town full of winding cobblestone streets, amazing seafood and fantastic hiking and cycling routes, it’s also a World Surfing Reserve sporting one of Europe’s most wave-rich coastlines. What’s not to love?

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