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How to make Sanity Studio your own

Published on 3 Nov 2022, By Gabriel Moon.

In this walkthrough guide, Gabriel covers some of the basics of Sanity Studio and shows you how to get started with the React.js-built application.

How to get the most out of working with a Technical Partner

Published on 6 Oct 2022, By Dulcie Jackson.

When you first contact a tech agency, it’s likely that you’ll be looking for development work to build your tech business. You might view it as a simple exchange, but, as Dulcie explains, there’s so much more that can come from a strong relationship with a technical partner.

Harnessing the power of Open Data (Part 1: Voting and Democracy)

Published on 26 Oct 2021, By Dulcie Jackson.

Data is everywhere - but more often than not it can be overwhelming to find, format and use. In this article, Dulcie introduces you to some great open data sources, and give a few examples of how you could use voting and democracy data to level up your next project.

How to market your new mobile app

Published on 17 Jul 2020, By Hugo Walker.

Marketing your new mobile app is crucial in today's saturated market. Hugo explains how to do this effectively, with a 3 stage strategy of awareness, acquisition, and retention.

3 ways to prep for that New Year project

Published on 13 Dec 2019, By Hugo Walker.

Have you been sitting on your great new startup idea? Hoping to finally get your company moving in a new direction? Here’s a 3-point checklist to help you get ahead of the game and prep for that new project in 2020.