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Why top football clubs are making Hackathon their latest signing

Published on 4 Oct 2019, By Hugo Walker.

Digitally progressive football clubs are realising the potential of hackathons to drive innovation and gain an advantage over the competition. In this article, Hugo looks at some of the pioneering organisations, including Manchester City, Chelsea, and Bayern Munich.

Football match being played in floodlit stadium

How to build an MVP

Published on 19 Sep 2019, By Henry Osadzinski.

Henry presents a guide to making the right technical decisions to get started with a Minimum Viable Product.

working on mvp with android phone and macbook pro

How to run a Hackathon

Published on 3 Sep 2019, By Simon Bos.

This article offers tips on why and how to run a successful hackathon. It’s suitable for both tech / software agencies and also businesses ‘client-side’.

Simon talking during hackathon stand-up

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - 5 of the best examples

Published on 26 Jul 2019, By Hugo Walker.

In this article, Hugo examines 5 of the best examples of Minimum Viable Product (MVP). What these 5 companies have in common is an understanding that a longterm vision of their product — multiple features, functionalities — could be achieved only once its primary use was clearly defined and delivered.

Number 5 illuminated