Hackathon articles

The importance of cups

Published on 4 May 2022, By Simon Bos.

In this article, Simon highlights an interesting AI-based problem that has emerged during our 2022 hackathon, and how we might overcome it. 

Why top football clubs are making Hackathon their latest signing

Published on 4 Oct 2019, By Hugo Walker.

Digitally progressive football clubs are realising the potential of hackathons to drive innovation and gain an advantage over the competition. In this article, Hugo looks at some of the pioneering organisations, including Manchester City, Chelsea, and Bayern Munich.

How to run a Hackathon

Published on 3 Sep 2019, By Simon Bos.

This article offers tips on why and how to run a successful hackathon. It’s suitable for both tech / software agencies and also businesses ‘client-side’.