Gravitywell 2020: What we did

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Let’s be honest, 2020 needs no introduction. It’s been a strange year. So I’ll forgo my usual hilarious opening gambit and dive straight in. From the (relative) comfort of our own homes, this is what we did this year.


Pioneered intuitive learning within the world of EdTech

PlanetTeach is a new and exciting way for primary school-aged kids to learn Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar (SPaG), both at school and at home. The project started off as a hackathon when PlanetTeach approached Gravitywell in Spring 2019 and was subsequently developed into the fully-fledged resource it is today. To infinitey*, and beyond!


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Helped reunite owners with lost property using AI and Machine Learning

We continued our partnership with the super exciting, Bristol-based startup, Found, with a new release of their innovative apps, along with a fresh Admin Portal. Found is a service that helps people find their lost valuables using image recognition and the power of Machine Learning. Alas, it isn’t quite powerful enough to reunite us with this lost year. Sorry.

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Enhanced digital capabilities in the world of sustainable fabrics

Gravitywell was approached by The Sustainable Angle to help give them ownership and control over their database of Mills and Fabrics, by completely redeveloping the inner workings of their platform. We had to find a way of transferring huge amounts of information from their extensive, disparate central database to a new website that we also designed and developed. No detergent required.

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Launched our own Digital Transformation food manufacturing platform

We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to show you that video again. Or perhaps it’s the first time you’ve seen it? Go on, give it another watch. It’s ridiculously satisfying. 

Just last month saw the official launch of Mezze, our very own B2B SaaS platform. Designed specifically for the food manufacturing industry, Mezze has already helped some of the UK’s leading companies shift from analogue (often the dreaded fax machine) to online, saving them £millions in the process. As for saving them their fax machines... well this is awkward.

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This year, we also worked on some incredibly exciting projects that we can’t talk about yet, including a transformative platform for wine investment, some revolutionary rethinking for the car industry, and our very own AI sister company. More details in 2021!

The Team

At the start of the year, we were blessed with the arrival of our latest developer, saltwater surfing south-Londoner, Julian! Julian arrived as a solo act, so no new digital boyband this year. But fear not, he’s definitely more George Harrison than Joe Jonas.

As a year, we’d probably all like to Ctrl-Alt-Delete 2020 entirely. Without backing up. Unfortunately, technology isn’t quite there yet. So, the next best thing? We’ve each selected a word or phrase that we’d very much like to leave behind in this year of years. Enjoy.

Written by Hugo Walker (Head of Marketing & Digital Content). Read more in Latest by Hugo or check our their socials , Instagram