The Sustainable Angle

Gravitywell was approached by The Sustainable Angle to design and develop a new website for their Future Fabrics Virtual Expo, to coincide with the 9th Future Fabrics Expo which took place in London on 29 - 30 January 2020.

The Future Fabrics Virtual Expo is the online destination for a curated range of sustainable fabrics and key information regarding sustainability issues in the textile industry. Achieved in an incredibly tight time schedule, we designed, built and launched in just under a month.

The main objective was to give The Sustainable Angle ownership and control over their database of Mills and Fabrics, by completely redeveloping the inner workings of their platform. We had to find a way of transferring huge amounts of information from their extensive, disparate central database to the new website.

Also key was to create a platform for the future; which could integrate with third parties where required. The current memberships — users with access to a paid premium tier — were preserved on the new website.

From a design perspective, the new website is clean and professional. This allows users an uninterrupted experience when browsing the vast selection of materials listed on the site, and the elegant aesthetic is in keeping with the Future Fabrics Expo brand.

We’re excited to continue developing the website and database over future phases. 

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