Gravitywell hackathon 2023 - es la Costa Blanca

Isn’t it crazy how different life can be just a year down the line? This time 12 months ago, Gravitywellers were touching down on Bristol concrete, sunkissed and sangria-blissed off the back of a triumphant Andalucian hackathon. This year, we— oh. Maybe life isn’t so different after all… 😏

Allow us a moment to gloat. This weekend, the Gravitywell team (devs included, apparently) plus a couple of bezzies from Mezze will TestFlight and swap the local Costa Coffee for the not-so-local Costa Blanca for a week of JSON, C and Serverless Stack.

If, like all of our partners, your immediate reaction to our temporary relocation to A Place in the Sun is "y tho", then here’s a pretty succinct summary of what a hackathon is and why it’s a crucial element of our R&D-focused culture. And yes, being poolside does drive creativity. Even Kirstie Allsopp would agree with that.

We’ll be releasing details about the project over the coming days, but if you can’t resist a tease then Henry’s post does just that. Either way, keep it locked on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for our tales from Teulada.

In the meantime, free to snoop around last year’s gáff:

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