Gravitywell 2023: What we did

2023 was the year that Generative AI, specifically LLMs (large language models), took the world by storm. Their ability to instantly generate human-quality text, translate languages and produce artwork has been a game-changer, with experts suggesting there is far more to come.

With all that being said, 2023 was also about reviving retro (according to the cool kids), so I’ll be rolling back the years and writing this short piece myself, using my actual brain and fingers. How lo-fi. How vintage. Here’s what Gravitywell got up to this year.

Venture of a lifetime

The Website Formerly Known As Twitter wasn’t the only company to rebrand in 2023. In slightly less, ahem, chaotic fashion, Gravitywell’s new identity — emphasising our status as Bristol’s Venture Studio — was delivered by the superb Sēon Creative.

dubbii dominated from Day 1

Wow, where to begin? dubbii, our Body Doubling app to help ADHDers with their household tasks, broke the App Store and Google Play Top 20 charts on launch weekend and continues to delight legions of loyal users. Check out the fabulous Rich & Rox (ADHD Love) doing their thing over on dubbii’s Instagram.

Qrone arrived on the (networking) scene

Unless you happen to be frozen in time as a Pierce & Pierce employee in the late 80s, business cards no longer have much use. Enter Qrone, a dynamic app that allows you to connect to contacts with one touch, keeping them accurate, up-to-date and easy to find. Qrone is set to make a big splash in 2024.

Another Round raised again

The FitTech app, built by Gravitywell, secured an additional £300K in its latest raise, adding to an original six-figure investment from Peter Roberts, Founder and ex-CEO of Pure Gym. With Exercise Month AKA January fast approaching, expect another big year for Another Round.

Genous added a genius or two

Gravitywell-built Genous, a pioneering decarbonisation concierge service, added to its already talented team of carbon reduction experts. New hires in 2023 included Britain’s greatest renewable heating guru, Graham Hendra as Technical Director.

Mezze ate everything

Our very own SaaS startup had its best year yet. By a long way. The team size increased by 100% and Mezze is now the market-leading Customer Experience platform for the UK's largest manufacturing sector, processing more than £10M worth of orders per month for its clients.

From Costa Coffee to Costa Blanca

Although we took the British weather with us, the Gravitywell (and Mezze) team had a phenomenal week in Spain earlier this year. Probably our most successful hackathon yet from a project perspective, there was also plenty of frivolity. Some of us are still recovering…

New signings 🥰

Like a proven goalscorer parachuted in on deadline day, Dan joined the Gravitywell team a couple of months ago and has already produced some phenomenal design work. Elsewhere, in line with her focus on all things innovation and R&D, Dulcie was promoted to Innovation Lead. *Klaxon* *Klaxon*

Until next time

Written by Hugo Walker (Head of Marketing & Digital Content). Read more in Latest by Hugo or check our their socials , Instagram