We The Curious Component Project

3 minute read

We’ve always had great fun working with We The Curious, thanks in large to the unique relationship we’ve built up over the years. They practice what they preach by cultivating curiosity and experimentation in all aspects of their work, including their apps and online presence! This means that our projects together are rarely standard agency fare and give us a chance to push our boundaries and try new things.

Most recently, we’ve taken a departure from our usual sprint-based delivery approach and have started on a more long-term collaboration. Seeking to modernise and unify their online presence and physical exhibits, they’ve started work on a fully portable set of interactive components. These are building blocks that will allow them to create interfaces for everything from phones and tablets to touchscreen exhibits to wall-spanning projections, all while remaining fully accessible to all users.

We’re working with their in-house technical and design teams to build the first batch of components to help kickstart their library of UI elements. It’s a great opportunity for us to gain a better understanding of working with discrete components; one which forces us to consider multiple scenarios over a long time-frame (exhibits tend to remain in service for 7+ years. Eons in software terms!). We’re also able to leverage our latest learnings from projects like Gaku and Interval Films and pass on the knowledge to devs facing similar challenges.

This is an unusual way of working for us - the nature of our usual projects means we tend to focus on concentrated sprints of development, handling all aspects of their delivery. In true We The Curious style, this mix of contract development and consultancy over the course of several months is allowing us to build up a unique relationship and learn a lot from one another. As the project grows, we’re looking forward to crafting more complicated components and fitting them into new and exciting experiences. Here’s to a collaborative and curious future!

Written by Henry Osadzinski (Operations Manager). Read more in Latest by Henry or check our their socials , Instagram