Hackathon 2016: Black Hawk Down

3 minute read

So we have picked our winning name! 


Itt'sssssssss... HAWK!

Although you could probably already tell that from the cover image, we're still very excited to have decided on our brand name and identity. So now Luke's in the process of trying to purchase an appropriate domain name with Hawk in it.

We're currently at that weird point where everything's starting to come together but we're still not quite there.

At the moment Chris is sat scanning everything he can find with a barcode in order to test a potential Quagga integration - but right now the devs are mainly making sure all of our microservices are up on their own server and talking to each other - making sure we can still develop locally, but be able to still access everything even if someone shuts their computer. As you can probably tell, there has been at least one incident where this happened.

Additionally they're looking at the slightly grey area of how payment happens on the platform - we're considering a Stripe integration, but it's a matter of do we sandbox the payment system ready to go or get it looking slick by the end of the week. Only time will tell.

Matt has been putting the finishing touches to the Hawk brand as well as finishing the wireframes and front end mock ups for James to work from for tomorrow. In the meantime James has been putting together a rough UI for Hawk, integrating into the UI we already have provided for us by Telegram. By doing this, it gives us a better idea of what services we have to write from scratch.

Simon is inputing real products into the system whilst in the process continuing to train Wit.ai. Jack is doing the opposite by trying his best to break the system. So far he has succeeded quite brilliantly.

What have we learnt today:

- Don't go to bed and shut your laptop down, the rest of your team won't be able to work on your remote server

- Hot tub lunch breaks are to be scheduled into all future working life

- People really don't like hyphens in domain names

- The victory noises that keep issuing from the pool room need to stay in Mallorca

- The new Total Recall has many plot holes and Bill Nighy should never ever play an American.

Written by Laura Alison (Studio Manager). Read more in Latest by Laura or check our their socials Twitter, Instagram