Hackathon 2016: Hike-athon

4 minute read

We put our tools down today for a midweek break and some respite, if you can call the 8.8 mile trek on unforgiving terrain that we did respite.

We rose early, packed up our bags and took the cars over to Deia. The journey itself was uneventful, aside from Laura and Matt's white knuckle ride being driven up the road to the bins whilst sitting hanging out of the boot or Chris's utterance of 'This car's wider than I think' before briefly driving into a storm drain.

Having parked up, the start of the walk lulled us into the false sense of security that this was going to be a reasonable and pleasant meander along the coast. Simon, following on from his reputation last year, had other ideas. We should've been suspicious when on asked what the walk would be like, he replied 'manageable'. We took a pleasant trail that dipped down into the most stunning cove, pausing to take photos and passing the odd amateur walker and local on our way.

Then the real fun started.

Within 4 hours we scaled cliff faces, steep hills, rocks, trees - our original spirit animal statuses had gone full circle, we were now mountain goats. Mountain goats that by the end were very grateful to see ice cream and a taxi rank.

Some of the highlights of our walk include the following:

- We encountered a number of truly stunning views - perfect photo opportunities were in their abundance
- We got lost a handful of times and had to rely on Chris's Spanish to ask an equally lost walker for directions, we know he was lost because he was following us.
- We lost the trail to Simon's dismay and then unexpectedly found it again having already admitted defeat
- Met a menagerie of creatures (some cats, a herd of sheep, goats and Laura found a dog and made it her companion until the owner took it back.)
- Simon used Luke's lunch to entertain a cat
- Whilst eating lunch, we witnessed a mother sheep and lamb reunite after the mum had gotten stuck behind a fence
- Some of the team worked on and developed their sweet parkour skills
- Matt was enlisted to take 'interesting and exciting' tinder photos for Lawrence
- Laura and Lucian played pooh sticks
- Lawrence definitely peed in someones garden
- Luke didn't manage to kill anyone by chucking rocks and logs off cliff faces (we hope)
- No one fell off a cliff (not even Laura)
- No one died (not even Laura) so we didn't have to pin a murder on James
- Minimal injuries and whinging (even from Laura)
- We had ice cream
- We made it to the harbour with as many people as we'd started out with (even Laura.)

All in all the day was a great success!

We also want to prepare our clients and those we share a working relationship with that Gravitywell will soon be changing the services it provides. In the unforseeable future we will be converting from digital to catering. This is based on the success of the ridiculous tapas buffet and spread that the whole team contributed a dish to this evening. Nine dishes from nine people, made in one kitchen. Something that realistically should not have worked at all, worked out amazingly.

Unfortunately we can't share any photos of our veritable feast because it was so good we ate it too quickly to take any photos.

We regret nothing.

*new website, menus and pricing list to follow once we can agree on who's front of house and who's cooking.

Written by Laura Alison (Studio Manager). Read more in Latest by Laura or check our their socials Twitter, Instagram