Cafe Hack: Tuesday

3 minute read

It was another beautiful morning in Bristol, the sun teasing people into thinking that it might not actually be March. We’re a cynical bunch in the studio though, so the heating was revved up to the max as per usual. Coffee in hand (how apt), Jesús’ developer disciples flocked around his desk for their morning catch up to discuss plans for the day ahead.

Progress had been swift yesterday. We were ahead of schedule and starting to settle into a groove, so no time was wasted getting back to it once everybody’s tasks had been agreed.

After setting up the app and login / signup forms yesterday, Henry and James worked on securing entities, Stripe integration, and importing products from iZettle — a decision made at yesterday’s daily demo. As well as sign in, a list of dummy products was now complete. Luke also focused on Stripe all day.

George worked on on authentication, and stumbled upon issues with code not being versioned. He completed a cloud formation stack as a fix, which creates mapping for GraphQL, schemas etc. Jesús had spent the day on the database.

With no concerns about finishing by Friday (much to Jack’s cautious delight), plans for Wednesday were drawn out at the end of the daily demo:

  • List of historic orders
  • Payment (frontend)
  • Admin web app
  • Build more screens ready to plug in data

So far, so good.

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