Cafe Hack: Thursday

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Another day, another case of ‘who wore it better’. This time it was Luke and Sam both sporting the same t-shirt. What the heck?! Maybe it’s a dev thing, I’m not sure. Once they’d complimented each other’s outfit, Luke, Sam, and the rest of the developers met for their morning meeting.

As agreed at the previous evening’s demo, the goal for Thursday was to have glued everyone's disparate parts together so we can see an order make its way through the system. Payment would be parked for now — it’s a time consuming process and something we have built before and so does not need to be part of this week's challenge.

Here’s a basic outline of the journey going from the user app to the barista’s admin app:

The user downloads the app

Logs in

Chooses their coffee(s) (and can see the estimated delivery time)

Makes the payment

Sees the order confirmed

The barista sees the order come in

Checks that they’re able to make it

Makes the coffee(s)

Hits ‘send’ on the app

On their return from delivery marks it as ‘delivered’

Day 4 in the bag. (A reusable one, of course.)


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