iPadOS Review (Business & Technical PM)

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Saying “no thanks” to laptops

I have a confession to make: I’m a developer who hates laptops. I’ve always much preferred the idea of a tablet for any portable work that needs to be done. They’re more portable, less obtrusive (especially in meetings where a laptop can feel like a barrier between you and everyone else at the table), have better battery life and are just more fun to use. Having struggled for a while to find the right balance of form factor and usefulness, Apple’s recently released iPadOS has been the ideal sweet spot.

First up, let’s be clear: I have no intention of using my iPad for development. There are solutions if you really want to give it a go, but I’ll stick to my desktop and clichéd clacky keyboard. For me, a tablet is for any time I don’t need to be sat at my desk so my setup is geared more towards meetings, quiet research, and travel.

iPadOS - brilliant business features 

Laura has already shared her thoughts on the iPad Pro, including some great insights into how it works as a tool for creatives. I want to focus more on how I’ve been using it to make meetings and other work-related tasks easier.

Desktop-class Safari

It’s amazing how much of a difference having a desktop browser makes as oppose. Google Docs works perfectly, I have full access to features in JIRA and Bitbucket to keep track of project work and review code, and can easily keep track of everything in our AWS account for quick reporting and troubleshooting.

Enhanced multitasking

Just like a regular PC, I can open multiple browser windows as well as most other apps and view them in either split-screen or as smaller slide over windows that can be stacked and hover over whatever main app I have open. For meetings, it’s great to be able to keep a floating view of my notes on top of any client materials or sites to save hunting through screens and tabs to find the right page.

Mini keyboard

The new one-handed swipe keyboard feels just like using a phone to input text. This means that I can keep the iPad in my lap while I’m talking and take notes at the same time. Thanks to the very forgiving autocorrect, it also allows me to look down at what I’m writing less and keep the conversation going.

File browser

Being able to see and manage all of my files in Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud and any devices I plug in turns the iPad from an also-ran device to a proper laptop replacement. Full control over documents, media assets, and browser downloads makes sharing or reviewing anything that comes up a breeze.

Almost a laptop, much more than a tablet

If you’re looking for a way to pare down and feel a laptop is too much for your day to day, iPadOS has made it a much easier choice to pick up an iPad. My favourite thing about it is the way it can melt into the background until it’s needed, at which point it’s there purely to make getting things done easier, with as few barriers and intrusions as possible.

Written by Henry Osadzinski (Operations Manager). Read more in Insights by Henry or check our their socials , Instagram