How we can improve B2B customer experiences

1 minute read

In his excellent article on FoodSpark, our Technical Director Jack explores how B2C eCommerce experiences can be applied to large-scale trade and save the industry millions.

Some of the most important aspects to consider when planning a B2B eCommerce site:

  • The customer is time-poor
  • Customer services should be a support function, not sales
  • Anywhere, any time, any device
  • Nobody understands all of your process/terminology
  • Looking to the future — machine learning/AI, testing & Internet of Things (IoT)


Read the full article over on FoodSpark.

Alternatively, learn how Gravitywell built a new business-critical cloud-based B2B customer portal for Adelie Foods.

Written by Hugo Walker (Head of Marketing & Digital Content). Read more in Insights by Hugo or check our their socials , Instagram