Western Power Distribution marketing

Gravitywell designed and delivered an online marketing campaign to promote Western Power's Power Cut Reporter mobile app and web app. This included video production, digital adverts and social media campaigns.

As a starting point we identified the main use cases for the mobile and web apps: 'Report a power cut', 'Live chat and updates', 'Alerts for saved locations' and 'Sign up to the Priority Services Register'. We then created personas for customers that would benefit from them. The aim was to demonstrate how useful the app can be for different types of users, during a power cut.

It was also important for the campaign to reflect the client's brand. We focused on Western Power’s desire to take care of their customers as the purpose of the mobile app was to further extend this care. We allowed two themes to steer the style and content of the short films: ‘We’re never too far away’ (to get in touch with) and ‘We’ll let you know’ (if a power cut might affect you or a loved one).

"We're never too far away" campaign video

We produced two adverts / films that reflected each of the two campaign messages. ‘We’re never too far away’ follows Andrew and his family experiencing a power cut on their farm, and showcases the ease of communication between customers and Western Power within the app, even in a rural location. Whilst ‘We’ll let you know’ tells the story of Reena on her way home from work and receiving a notification from the mobile app about a power cut at her grandmother’s house in another part of the city. Locations were chosen from various parts of the country where Western Power provides coverage.

"We'll let you know" campaign video

Production of the videos included storyboarding, casting, location scouting, set dressing, video and photography, directing, editing and animation/effects.

We provided a number of additional materials such as stings and stills for use across Western Power’s social media channels, and mapped out a campaign and schedule to be used by their social media team.

To catch the campaign, head over to Western Power’s Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels.

You can download the Power cut reporter mobile app for both Android and iOS.