Western Power Distribution app

Western Power Distribution asked us to help improve communication with its 8 million customers during domestic power cuts. We worked closely with the client to design and build a power cut reporting mobile app. We also produced an application for support staff to manage incoming reports as well as communicate with consumers directly via the app's text messaging feature.

You may have watched our recent adverts for the app which were part of a marketing campaign we provided for the client.

It's incredibly convenient and reassuring to be able to chat to a human being that can help during a mini-crisis, like a power cut at home.

The mobile app includes the option to set up alerts for specific locations. Useful if you have a relative that would find a power cut distressing or you have a business premises that relies on electricity. The app will also notify you if a power cut has been recorded nearby. 

Users with specific and crucial power needs can sign up to a Priority Services Register, through the app.

The Power Cut Reporter mobile app is available on both iOS and Android smartphones. The Support Dashboard has been built in node.js which is ideal for fast browser-based applications.

The platform has proved to be an extremely useful customer service tool. It has been well-received by users, and from launch in 2016 the app has had 7,416 unique users, 61,217 sessions, more than quarter of a million screen views and an 88% return rate.

You can download the Power Cut Reporter mobile app from the App Store and Google Play.