Strategic Leadership & BMW

Gravitywell was asked by leadership training experts Strategic Leadership to help provide an app for a 3 year programme with BMW. The new web app supports managers throughout the programme, providing insight into where their time goes, how functional their teams are and assessing the impact of each individual learning module.

Until now, essential materials were provided as printed documents, module feedback sheets and time surveys were completed by hand, on paper. This was inconvenient for the participants and was admin burden for the educators. The obvious challenge was to create a digital system to present and manage all of the necessary course content whilst giving students a quick and easy way to submit well-structured feedback.

The web app provides all of this on the participant’s mobile devices, quickly and without any fuss. The added benefit of a digital system is that both Strategic Leadership and BMW have access to detailed report data so that success can be tracked and measured.

We worked in collaboration with both Strategic Leadership and BMW on the design, functionality and build of the app. The process included scoping workshops, wireframe sessions and technical calls. We were able to integrate the app with an editable resource section in the Strategic Leadership website and navigate the security and technical concerns raised by BMW's internal teams.

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