Lindahl is a very cool renewable energy consultancy startup in Bristol. Gravitywell was asked to design a new website for the company as well as a new identity for their software product, Sift.

The design process required market research / positioning, content and messaging workshops, wireframing and conceptual design work. We collaborated closely with the client because of the technical nature of the subject matter and the desire to inject the personality of the business into the end result.


Sift is a renewables data analysis software studio for the experts. It has many uses but principally, it is used for measuring performance and identifying cost savings.

The Lindahl brand itself is already strong and so the challenge was to create an identity for the software which conveys its subtlety and sophistication. It also needs to appeal to the very specific type of highly technical users.

The theme of Sift 'helping experts explore and examine huge quantities of technical data' was very interesting. Sift itself provides various graphical representations of data that create elegant patterns and have a sophisticated technical feel.

Combining waves of data points with abstract images of renewable energy hardware was a great result - it conveys the correct messages and helped the brand stand out from the competition.

Visit the new Lindahl website.