Social media stars, Rich & Rox from ADHD Love asked 30,000 of their 2 million neurodivergent followers what they struggled with the most. The overwhelming response: housework. So, they reached out to Gravitywell to help them start building dubbii, a mobile app to help with those horrible household tasks using a technique called Body Doubling.

Body Doubling is a method to help people with ADHD get started and focus on tasks. The body double's job is to help anchor that person to the present moment and job in hand, reducing the risk of distraction.

Gravitywell were excited to work with ADHD Love on a different kind of mental health mobile app and as their ongoing tech partner, we’re in it for the long haul. We’re committed to staying engaged with the community to find out exactly what the audience wants and how best to provide it.

The App Development Process

Whilst we had some ideas of what the mobile app could do and how it should work, we wanted to get the app in the hands of users as quickly as possible to challenge our assumptions. Not least of which was the question of whether Body Doubling would even be effective in a digital form.

So, we approached members of the ADHD community — some already fans of Rich & Rox, some who had never heard of them — and asked them to be our Steering Group. These key users would test our mobile app from the earliest prototypes and help us to inform the direction of the project. Crucially, they validated that in-app Body Doubling worked and that our core idea had legs.

From there, we followed an iterative design & development process by adding features to complement the body doubling process whilst adhering to a set of ADHD-friendly design principles. Our Steering Group validated that we needed to minimise distraction and overwhelm for the app to be helpful, so we proceeded to expand the feature set without compromising the fundamental purpose of Body Doubling.

The result was a simple, intuitive and playful mobile app that helps with Body Doubling whilst motivating users to get started and finish their housework.

Response & Next Steps

The reception to the mobile app has been phenomenal. On launch weekend, we broke the Top 20 in charts for both the App Store and Google Play and projected to break 100,000 active users globally before the end of the year.

We’ve also had feedback from users that not only validates that digital Body Doubling is a useful technique, but that we’re helping to reduce shame for users who feel overwhelmed by supposedly simple household tasks.

We’re taking suggestions from the community AKA #dubclub to add new, even more helpful features to the app. The first update, released just two weeks after launch is all about self-care — 5 new tasks to help with:

  • Cleaning teeth
  • Showering
  • Starting your day
  • Bedtime routine
  • Plus, an amazing breathing exercise that Rich & Rox find helpful to regulate and keep calm

The success of dubbii not only underlines its efficacy in addressing ADHD-related challenges but also represents a step forward in destigmatising neurodivergence and supporting individuals facing overwhelming tasks. With an eye on continuous improvement, Gravitywell remains dedicated to evolving dubbii and supporting Rich & Rox on their journey.

Developing the ADHD Love brand

In addition to the app development, Gravitywell assisted ADHD Love in crafting a distinct and resonant brand identity.

Understanding the need for a recognisable and empathetic brand, we provided creative direction that encapsulated a vibrant and playful style while being mindful of the sensitivity of neuro-divergency.

We drew inspiration from bold curves and lively gradients, resulting in a brand identity that is instantly identifiable across various platforms, resonating with ADHD Love’s audience on social media, merchandise and at events.

As Bristol’s Venture Studio, we deploy our expertise, resources and infrastructure to generate and validate startup ideas, then build and launch them into the market. To learn more about partnering with Gravitywell, contact us today.

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