Braided Communications

Braided is a pioneering communications platform that was conceived to solve a seemingly unsolvable problem: how can astronauts in deep space have live, flowing conversations with people on Earth?

This challenge begins when astronauts head beyond the Moon towards Mars, where extreme distances mean that signals sent take a long time to arrive — in some circumstances, this means 20 minutes or more. Living with this hyper latency for what is typically a 3-year mission affects operational communications as well as the crew’s personal communication with their loved ones at home.

While physics renders live conversation (as we know it) from deep space impossible, the technologies being developed by Braided give both the astronaut and their contact on Earth the benefit of a regular, real-time discussion, thanks to its pioneering technology. 

Currently working on projects with NASA, European Space Agency and UK Space Agency, and with NASA recently updating its Human Research Roadmap to officially recognise the risk of harm to crew members if they are unable to communicate with loved ones on Earth, Braided Communications expects to play a key role within space travel in the coming years.

“The complexities of a platform like Braided meant that we required a special kind of development partner. In collaborating with Gravitywell, we found a team that had the skillset to understand and deliver the tech whilst remaining approachable and communicative. Like Braided, innovation is a core principle for Gravitywell and it’s easy to see why. We look forward to continuing our partnership working on important, pioneering technology.”  — Drew Smithsimmons, Braided Communications

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