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Humans are a voyeuristic lot. Ever since working from home became the thing, many a tweet, article, or slack conversation has been dedicated to the environment in which we plonk ourselves down for a day's work. So what does your ‘home workspace’ say about you? Well, if you’re a politician then apparently the bigger the bookcase the better the brain (although we’re yet to be convinced). 

In our industry, a comfy chair, decent computer and some reliable WiFi connection is all you really need. *Empties Amazon basket.* Nonetheless, as a bunch of creative geeks, thinkers and grafters here at Gravitywell, we each have our own (no, developers aren’t robots) spin on things. So, let’s give you what you really want, and take you #ThroughTheKeyboard.

Sam, Full Stack Developer

When it comes to natural light, @hehooleehoo's got it all. Fancy a tune? Not a problem. Just don't say maybeeee. Dev-ilishly talented, Sam can code with his left whilst mocking up Mickey Mouse stencil artwork with his right. This is one UX-rated setup.

Luke, Head of Architecture & Security

It's clear to see, Luke heart's the tea. Let's just hope he's not tempted to spill it, or there could be drupal. Bucking the trend, he has his laptop on a footstool and a keyboard on his lap. Never slacking, he always has his code in discord-er.

Julian, Full Stack Developer

Strong hints of Club Tropicana here, but I wonder if the drinks (and fruit) are free? Like the best UI, Julian keeps his setup simple - perfect for blue sky thinking. Oh, and those sunglasses? They couldn't be further from Visual Basic. Love 'em.

George, Full Stack Developer

Okay, so you're a computer scientist? That don't AeroPress me much. Being a dev, George is never far from Java, and the coordination between cup and plant pot is C++. Outstanding WFH self-discipline hack - the council tax bill deployed at all times. Agile.

Simon, Creative Director

I can't lie, @_SimonBos' setup is giving me butterflies. The table looks sturdier than Norton 360 Deluxe, and the giant key surely gets past any API. Perhaps it's for the pat.io. Motorcycle manual for a quick escape? I hope he's bootstrapped.

Laura, Studio Manager

Lovely parquet flooring... tasteful table cloth... clever use of literature for monitor efficienc— OH MY GOD IT'S A SHIBA INU WEARING HEADPHONES!

@PoshRolls may have built this setup, but Mishka owns it now.

Hugo, Marketing & Digital Content Manager

Remember that Netflix documentary called Minimalism? Now add a segment about WFH. Basically.

(Writing any more would completely kill the vibe, ya know?)

Henry, Technical Project Manager

There's not a cat in hell's chance @Hen_Dubz will get any work done, although Stan the tabby is undoubtedly efficient with a mouse under his paw. It's unclear what's playing on Spotify - possibly 'I can be your Hero-of-Newarth baby' by his namesake Enrique?

Jesús, Full Stack Developer

It's unclear if @JesusLarrubia is WFH or WF *insert tech startup*. The innovative use of ping pong table deserves a gold medal, although there's now only space for one kind of server. Let's hope there's an accompanying (site)map for those 200 travel secrets.

Matt, Lead Designer

Room for a small one? Well, there is actually. Pull up a (high) chair. @projectmoon has quite the 3 screen setup, displaying his versatile Adobe Parenting 20.0 skills. Putting the 'sharp' in pencil sharpener, this is one smooth cycle mug to work scheme.

Written by Hugo Walker (Head of Marketing & Digital Content). Read more in Latest by Hugo or check our their socials , Instagram