Make Pets Found (using AI) - Day 5

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Day 5

The 8am call time didn’t seem to faze anyone — the team gradually assembled in and around the kitchen sporting a variety of ‘hike wear’, ranging from Helly Hansen thermal layers to jeans and a t-shirt (the natural choice of Olympic triathletes). Sadly, Luke wasn’t feeling too good, so he made the decision to stay home and keep watch over the chicken coop. It was also an opportunity to keep his Rocket League rating at an acceptable level.

We set off for Jesús’ home city of Granada, enjoying the epic Andalusian landscapes along the way. Parking up on the southern outskirts of the city we then began our hike. Words can’t really do the scenic views justice, but fortunately Matt and Laura were on hand to capture the best bits.

After clocking an impressive 10 miles navigating the mountainous terrain surrounding the Alhambra, the team took a much needed six hour break, discovering what Granada had to offer in the form of shisha bars, tapas bodega’s, and… more tapas bodega’s. Tip: if you’re ever in the south of Spain, Alhambra beer is a must-try. 

A wonderful day out in a beautiful city, we clambered back into our cars and headed home for a well deserved rest.

‘The dream is to live in Granada. You know, work in the morning, have a one-hour nap in the afternoon, and at night go out and have that life. Go out and see your friends and eat tapas and drink red wine and be in a beautiful place.’

— Anthony Bourdain

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