Interval Films Hack Report

3 minute read

Today is the last day of the week-long Interval Films hack. We’re designing and building a Time Lapse viewer application for Interval Films' customers to use.

As usual, the first couple of days were spent setting up architecture & tools, discussing & making decisions and prototyping small components. It’s very difficult to actually demonstrate progress at this point, because nothing is really finished, so the client often looks a little anxious!

On Wednesday lots of individual components, like the innovative “image scrubber” designed for users to quickly and intuitively swipe through 100 hi-res images like a video progress bar, could be demonstrated.

But last night was the first time that everyone’s efforts all came together for an extremely impressive live demo of the new timelapse viewer and admin control panel. Worries about progress and usability instantly melted away as the key UI elements and technical requirements were seen to be working very smoothly. Ollie, head of Interval Films said that already “it blows away the competition” which is high praise indeed.

Today there is still plenty to do, around the core functionality of the new platform, before we can provide a version for testing. We hope to deploy it to a test server or perhaps just a single laptop so the system can be put through its paces over the weekend.

Next week we’re going to review feedback, fix bugs, tidy up the UI and launch the system for Interval Film’s clients to start using.

As always, it’s been an intense and enjoyable week. But the results after just 4 days work really speak for themselves.

Next week we’ll update with a more detailed report on how the hack went down.


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Written by Simon Bos (Founder/Director). Read more in Latest by Simon or check our their socials Twitter, Instagram