Hackathon 2019: We have liftoff!

2 minute read

In the words of the famed Kazakh scholar, Borat Sagdiyev: Great success! Yes, it’s been an exceptionally successful hackathon for us this week. A diverse range of skills were required — illustration, animation, branding, as well as the usual technical pizazz, and a huge amount of creative work has been achieved in an incredibly short space of time.

The ‘EdTech’ project leans on our experience of previous gaming hackathons, such as our ‘Gravity Hell’ adventure a couple of years ago. As it was then, the process this week has been a lot of fun; the space theme, the naming choices, the puns (which have been out of this world)... A special mention goes to Henry, who came through with the Greggs doughnuts on Thursday — what a star.

We’re ending the week with a finished demo that the client can take to investors, so it’s without doubt ‘mission accomplished’. While we’re keeping the detail of the actual game under wraps, we can show you the work that has gone into making this such a fun experience for the school kids.

Written by Hugo Walker (Head of Marketing & Digital Content). Read more in Latest by Hugo or check our their socials , Instagram