Hackathon 2018: Sunday

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The sun’s risen on day 2 of the Hackathon and by 9:30 stand up James has already been on a walk, Jack’s had the drone out and Henry’s tried at least six different locations around the house for his bread dough to get it to rise.

After yesterday and much task pushing, we’ve collectively agreed to reduce the Jira admin - so despite temporary glee it does mean that everyone is now far more responsible for their own time and task management.

George and Sam looked further into the video handling options and have concluded that we’re going to run with Amazon’s Media Services because we know that it’s going to give us the most flexibility and future proofing.

The focus for the majority of the day was going be logins / account creation, sketching the wireframes, security issues and researching and making first contact with instructors.

After a busy morning, by lunchtime there was some grumbling about the temperamental Wifi connection causing blockers, but we think we’ve identified the hotspots to be the dining room and the living room. Although Jesus hasn’t had this issue as he’s truly claimed his spot in the house (we don’t anticipate he’ll move from his chair in the snug this week unless it’s for the promise of booze and sustenance). However, the react native (client facing app) is starting to appear and our newest recruit, Sam, presented to the group the full hand drawn wireframes prepared by himself, Simon and Jack.

Both fed and watered it was back to it for a final push for the day with some tidying to do and headway to make.

In no time at all the 5pm demo was upon us.

At the end of Sunday the following has been achieved.

  • Sam had all the previously hand drawn wireframes as clickable prototypes in Adobe XD.
  • The admin area is almost finished.
  • Lamda function to detect when a video is uploaded - can transcode for different formats and resolutions is underway.
  • CRUD for clients and instructors are done.
  • CRUD for lessons and templates in progress.
  • Photography brief almost done.
  • Full list of instructors to talk to tomorrow

Clearly we’re gluttons for punishment, as along with the significant workload - Laura and Simon decided to shop for, prepare and cook a Sunday roast (complete with foraged Rosemary from a hedge down the road - although there was a slight concern that it may be lavender).

To a well fed and sleepy group post roast chicken and cheesecake, Simon attempted to get everyone on board with a branding exercise for the app. However this went even worse than should have been expected, with much heckling and the meeting being quickly adjourned once ‘Simon Says’ was broached as a potential name.

The rest of evening was spent with the group divvied up between the hot tub, games of pool and Spelunky - a small period of wind-down in preparation for the new day.

Whilst Simon’s initial suggestions and Luke’s ‘Flexy’ didn’t make the cut, we’ll be back with the brand reveal tomorrow - so stay tuned!

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