5 of the weirdest products from CES 2020

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The world’s largest tech expo never fails to amaze. While it’s the usual suspects (mobile phones, massive TVs, electric vehicles etc.) who typically grab the headlines, it’s the array of wacky products unveiled across the Las Vegas conference centres that makes the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the event that it is.

Sadly (or fortunately), many of these creations go no further than the expo, but here’s our selection of 5 of the weirdest products from CES 2020.

Pork that isn’t pork

Impossible Foods — the company behind the Impossible Burger (made from soy and potato proteins) — launched Impossible Pork, which is made using haem, a plant-based molecule. No, we’re not telling porkies. Fancy a bite? Fly to the US, where Burger King will be serving the porkless pork in its Impossible Croissan’wich for a limited time.

Voice-activated taps

Everyone seems to be tapping into voice activation at the moment. Moen, ‘the #1 faucet brand in North America’ are no different, as they showcased their smart taps which dispense exact amounts of water at the desired temperature. Just be careful what you say before assisting your toddler with an emergency hand wash.

Your tennis ball BFF

Worried about society’s increasing lack of human interaction? Well, Samsung reckons we can replace it with a tennis ball shaped rolling robot. Ballie (yep, like the film) acts as a voice-activated personal assistant, and can help with home workouts and household chores. If Andy Murray was a gadget…

An anti-snore pillow

Presumably of greater benefit to the snorer’s bedfellow, the Motion Pillow by Tenminds aims to bring an end to one of our less elegant sleeping habits. Once snoring is detected, four airbags within the pillow gently inflate and deflate to adjust the user's head position to stop it. Creepy? Who cares, if you’re sleepy.

Robotic headless kittens

The term ‘running around like a headless chicken’ was so last decade. Thanks to Yukai Engineering, you can now be the proud owner of a soft, robotic headless kitten. Why? Don’t ask, just purr.


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