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Everyone knows just how important it is to test your code and platform. If you don’t, Google it! - Especially when you’ve put all those meticulous hours into building the thing and maintaining it.

When testing both the frontend and backend of your platform, there are many test suites out there that will do the job (Mocha, QUnit, Selenium, etc). However, they limit you and your team in the following ways:

- Tests are ran one at a time - unless you stagger the test suites or write a custom script.
- Viewing a chain of results in Terminal can be tedious and frustrating.
- Results are shown away from the rest of the tests that have ran.
- Run-times of each test ran are not easily seen or tracked.
- Some have a learning curve in their syntax or the understanding of how to execute your tests in a desired way.


Cypress is an all-in-one test suite which allows you to write frontend and backend tests with ease, while compiling all of the test results into one Terminal window or a simple dashboard viewed via their website.

Cypress runs all of your tests and records the results using videos and screenshots, enabling you to get a better look at the actually tests that are being ran. It’s videos can give you a good indication of any process intensive tasks in the form of lag between tests and the ability to replicate failures - That's just F****** COOL!

It’s easy to use and team members can understand what went wrong even if they have limited knowledge of area of the platform that failed.

CI with

Cypress is awesome in a Continuous Integration (CI) environment. 

Not only does it have the ability to change multiple settings depending of the environment that you are trying to test (staging or production), but it also shows you what happened behind the scenes even when your not watching via the Cypress website dashboard.

This suite can test full frontend and backend of your platform plus run regression testing with nice, simple results for all to see. Perfect before your do that all important build or release.

Cypress can be ran in all CI providers so there is no excuse not to switch to it - What’s stopping you?!

Written by Luke Baker (Head of Architecture & Security). Read more in Insights by Luke or check our their socials , Instagram