Hackathon as a Service

How you benefit

A hackathon kickstarts innovation and discovery, improves internal workflow, and encourages collaboration and team bonding.

  • Innovation

    • Discover new products and services
    • Encourage internal creativity
    • Solve your problems
  • Team

    • Collaboration and integration across your organisation
    • Open platform for all
    • Encourage employee bonding
  • PR

    • Enhance your public perception
    • Huge marketing potential
    • Enable recruitment opportunities



Our team integrates with yours to offer expertise and a hands-on approach in facilitating internal innovation.


Our team focusses its attention solely on your project over a set period, producing quality results in a matter of days.

…or somewhere in between, it’s up to you.

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Why Gravitywell?

As award-winning creative thinkers, we have a wealth of experience guiding clients through every stage of their hackathon. Regardless of the challenge, our diverse team has the skill-set to take your vision to the next level.

Example projects

  • Laura doing palates


    In just 5 days, we designed and built a simple, elegant video lesson app for pilates instructors.

  • Smartphone showing the Interval Films web app

    Interval Films

    We designed and delivered a best-in-class timelapse software platform, in under a week.

  • A cat with face detection


    In 6 days, we developed a machine learning model and app to reunite owners with their lost pets.