Customer Portals

Adelie Customer Portal

  • Self-service and ordering portal - connects to existing ERP.
  • £14m of order value in 2018, 10,000s of stores, 100s of household names.
  • High quality customer experience.
  • Live ordering, scheduled orders, cut-offs, EDI and bulk uploads.
  • Multiple delivery points, multiple users.
  • Reporting, customer services, Sale or Return.
  • Any device, any time, always quick and easy.
Adelie demo tablet
Adelie warehouse

Lifetime Training - Pulse Customer Portal

  • Training progress portal for 1000s of trainees.
  • Used by dozens of major brands to monitor learning.
  • Responsive web app, designed for mobile and desktop.
  • Unique access for trainees, educators, managers and directors.
  • Explore data and drill down through multiple levels.
  • Simple and customised charts and graphs.

Services & features

  • eCommerce, ordering and online payment.
  • ERP integration.
  • Self-service & Customer service features.
  • Reporting.
  • Native apps and web-apps.
  • Modern, responsive web design.
  • Customisation options.
  • Software for B2B & B2C.
  • Marketing and on-boarding support.