Jack Hayward (Technical Director)


Jack has a background in tech start-ups and loves finding ways to make the world better using new technology. And Coffee.


What's great about working here?

The team. We have a group of exceptionally talented, curious, and driven people who make Gravitywell what it is, and who seem able to adapt to anything thrown at them. The company is the sum total of those people and the inquisitiveness of one pushes everybody forwards together, which is constantly evident in our output. It can be quite humbling to watch them work.

What’s your advice for someone wanting to get into the Digital industry?

Understand what drives you. Find somewhere that allows you to learn and experiment, constantly seek knowledge, try your hand at new things, collaborate openly with others, and most importantly, take risks. Lots and lots of risks. Pursuing something that interests you is rarely a waste of time.

What’s the best kept secret in Bristol?

Coffee + Beer on Cotham Hill. A fantastic little café with a super chilled vibe and does exactly what it says on the tin: the best coffee and beer in Bristol. The proprietor, Dan Williams, is insanely knowledgeable and somehow learns and remembers your taste once he gets to know you. Slightly dangerous - after a few minutes in there you find yourself heading out with a coffee in one hand, a bag of beans in another, and a six-pack of craft beer in your bag. Highly, highly recommended.  

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