Pepper (Canine Futurist)

Cheese-obsessed hound with one ear towards the future. Pepper writes for the Gravitywell weekly newsletter, often bemoaning the state of dog-related tech and the overwhelming omnipotence of Mark Zuckerberg.

Pepper's predictions

'Have we stopped to consider the ethical ramifications of GPS tracking dog collars? Privacy is increasingly an issue for the canine community.'

'SXSW was extremely receptive to my ideas about canine AI — the Winklevoss twins even asked for a selfie. Love those guys.'

'Sure, I could rename my latest app project 'Walkeez by Pepper'. But I'm not that insecure.'

'It's funny how scientists can produce an image of a black hole 55m light years from Earth, yet can't seem to produce a remotely edible flavour of kibble. I despair.'

'It's hard to sympathise with the dogfluencers who lost Instagram followers this week. I mean, do we really need any more 'flat tummy treat' sponsored posts?'

'Human / Canine translation technology is a giddy prospect but we must take care not to trigger a war that would ultimately destroy the planet.'

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