eCommerce with Magento

Medium to large scale online stores

Gravitywell (based in Bristol) builds eCommerce stores on the industry-leading open-source Magento platform. With over 50,000 stores online and many top names relying on the system, Magento has become the biggest name in eCommerce.

  • Low cost - No subscription fees
  • Open-source - Any developer can work on your site
  • Feature-packed - As you would expect from the industry-leading system
  • Lots of extensions - Low cost plugins to add more functionality
  • Multiple stores - All managed from a single system

Upgrade your old eCommerce store

Lots of merchants are upgrading their old eCommerce websites to Magento. There are many good reasons to do so:

  • More features - Lots as default, more in extensions and even more added all the time
  • Future proof - Magento is a stable platform, built with future upgrades in-mind, unlike other major platforms
  • Standards compliant - As with "open source" this means its easier to find developers to work on your site
  • Better SEO - Lots of SEO features mean that your products are more likely to be found in search engines

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Magento Open Source eCommerce

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Gravitywell eCommerce


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Built on the GravitywellCMS with eCommerce

eCommerce with the GravitywellCMS

Small-scale online stores

For smaller stores, Magento may seem like overkill. That's why we developed an eCommerce add-on for our easy-to-use GravitywellCMS.

Its designed for the same clients that need a small, fast and simple CMS. Its all you need to get you started in eCommerce, without the steep learning curve and time commitment. With a standard Google Checkout or Paypal account you can have your eCommerce website up & selling in a couple of weeks.

Quick and easy eCommerce

Completely integrated with the GravitywellCMS, our eCommerce add-on allows you to edit:

  • products - name, SKU, description, weight
  • product attributes - colour, size, options
  • categories - multiple levels
  • SEO - making your products more likely to be found

Marketing and promotion

As part of the GravitywellCMS your online store would benefit from other standard features such as:

  • SEO features - custom page names, meta tags, non-product pages
  • Google Analytics - For comprehensive site and visitor statistics
  • Google sitemap - automated so google can always find your new pages
  • Twitter - Tweet from the CMS
  • Blogging & RSS - Generate interest in your products


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