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Magic Purse

We've developed a pretty special app for iPhone that allows the user to perform a magic trick to produce coins seemingly out of thin air.

The best thing is, it's only 59p! Buy Magic Purse on Magic Purse


Astonish and amaze those around you!

Astonish friends and colleagues with magic tricks on your iPhone. This app is the first in a series of magic tricks from world renowned magician Chris Dugdale.

Here's how it works:

Ask your volunteer to name any coin in the UK currency.

Open the Magic Purse to reveal the coin randomly chosen by your spectator. You then appear to remove the coin from the purse and give it to them to examine!

This looks totally unbelievable and it appears as if the coin is being pulled through the glass of your phone into reality...

Learn the secret of the Magic Purse.

Full Magic Purse instructions are displayed when you run the app. You can enable/disable the instructions in your device settings.

US coin version coming soon!


Click here to visit the Chris Dugdale website

Available on the App Store

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