Sable & Ox - Magento eCommerce

After defining and creating the brand, Gravitywell has released a Magento ecommerce platform, allowing users to find and buy great piece of art produced by selected artists. A varied range of functionalities has been developed: cart & payment system, commissions, artists personal pages, user reviews, product customisation.

Sable & Ox - Branding

Gravitywell has developed the brand for a new art and design online marketplace. All aspects of the identity were covered: research, name, logo, print and web material. Look out for the Magento eCommerce site soon!

Hot Diamonds - Magento eCommerce

Hot Diamonds is a large UK jewellery retailer that required a major upgrade for their eCommerce. Gravitywell has built a new Magento site and integrated with their fulfillment systems - the client very is happy with the result!

Flavrbox - Magento eCommerce

Flavrbox is an online marketplace for quality food producers. Gravitywell has developed the site on the Magento platform with some heavy customisation.

Number 4 Shop

The new 4 store is now live! Gravitywell has built this large ecommerce site on the superb Magento platform. Includes a payment gateway for Kuwait cards.

Horse&Rider and Pony Magazine Case Study

Want to know how we did it? Download the Case Study The new system for SPL publishing has been a huge success! It was designed and built in collaboration with designers Twobelowzero. Download the case study and find out about:

  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced admin/maintenance

Horse&Rider and Pony Magazine

Gravitywell worked with designers Twobelowzero to build a bespoke system which allowed publishing company SPL to manage multiple websites from a single point. The websites feature a multi-store Magento eCommerce solution, editorial, classifieds, directories, forums and many other features.

The website is based on our superb Publishing Platform.

Highbank Glassware

Gravitywell has helped Scottish giftware manufacturers Highbank Glassware to start their own retail business online. The eCommerce platform Magento was chosen for its flexibility and impressive feature list. The completed site has a wholesale section with a customised catalogue and ordering process.