Cameron Balloons

The world’s largest hot-air balloon manufacturer and well-loved brand Cameron Balloons needed a design more in phase with its renewed brand and values. Gravitywell spent weeks of research, sketching, content rewriting and designing a custom solution to reach more of their audience. The result is an image driven website, responsive on all platforms, communicating the performance, quality and craft of CBL.

Sable & Ox - Magento eCommerce

After defining and creating the brand, Gravitywell has released a Magento ecommerce platform, allowing users to find and buy great piece of art produced by selected artists. A varied range of functionalities has been developed: cart & payment system, commissions, artists personal pages, user reviews, product customisation.

Sable & Ox - Branding

Gravitywell has developed the brand for a new art and design online marketplace. All aspects of the identity were covered: research, name, logo, print and web material. Look out for the Magento eCommerce site soon!


Gravitywell was commissioned to develop the brand and website for a new company which specialises in career change coaching.

Marylebone Journal

Revolutionary and responsive online magazine for Marylebone. Gravitywell took the concept of "browsing" a magazine and applied it to a website - eliminating all the usual navigational clichés. Content flows forever and users make their own paths through the website.

Flavrbox - Magento eCommerce

Flavrbox is an online marketplace for quality food producers. Gravitywell has developed the site on the Magento platform with some heavy customisation.

Penguin books - SHINE

Promotional website with questionnaire for Penguin Books.


Arcadia build spectacular stages for festivals and so Gravitywell has designed & built a website to match. Featuring video & 360 panoramas as well as a blog and photo galleries. All powered by the GravitywellCMS.

Bath Half Marathon

The new Bath Half website was designed and built by Gravitywell along with designers Northbank. A clean and fresh approach also leaves space for more exciting features on the way soon!

The Weather Club

The Royal Meteorological Society's new project: The Weather Club. Gravitywell developed this online magazine website with a future growth and membership systems in mind.

The website is based on our superb Publishing Platform.

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