Gravitywell - Portfolio

Cameron Balloons

The world’s largest hot-air balloon manufacturer and well-loved brand Cameron Balloons needed a design more in phase with its renewed brand and values. Gravitywell spent weeks of research, sketching, content rewriting and designing a custom solution to reach more of their audience. The result is an image driven website, responsive on all platforms, communicating the performance, quality and craft of CBL.

Sable & Ox - Magento eCommerce

After defining and creating the brand, Gravitywell has released a Magento ecommerce platform, allowing users to find and buy great piece of art produced by selected artists. A varied range of functionalities has been developed: cart & payment system, commissions, artists personal pages, user reviews, product customisation.

Hidden Bristol

An in-house Gravitywell product borne out of a love of Bristol and all the unique and curious places within it.

Sable & Ox - Branding

Gravitywell has developed the brand for a new art and design online marketplace. All aspects of the identity were covered: research, name, logo, print and web material. Look out for the Magento eCommerce site soon!


Gravitywell was commissioned to develop the brand and website for a new company which specialises in career change coaching.

Marylebone Journal

Revolutionary and responsive online magazine for Marylebone. Gravitywell took the concept of "browsing" a magazine and applied it to a website - eliminating all the usual navigational clichés. Content flows forever and users make their own paths through the website.

Hot Diamonds - Magento eCommerce

Hot Diamonds is a large UK jewellery retailer that required a major upgrade for their eCommerce. Gravitywell has built a new Magento site and integrated with their fulfillment systems - the client very is happy with the result!

Pink Lady Club iPad App

Dedicated Pink Lady Club marketing acquisition application for iPad, offering offline syncing, detailed back end metrics and a fully customized design.

Pink Lady Apples

A gorgeous new website designed by Hive for the famous apple brand. Lots of bespoke functionality and loads of different page designs required the power and flexibility of the GravitywellCMS.

Banksy London Tour App

iTunes New and Noteworthy! Following on from the success of the Banksy Bristol Tour, Gravitywell teamed up with LDN Graffiti to provide an iphone app guided tour of Banksy's artworks around the city of London.

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