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Mind Relaxation with a Silent Alarm

Posted by on 7th January 2011

I've been reading a few articles in my Google reader about giving your mind a rest every so often.

This allows you to keep mental fatigue at bay and hopefully allow you to be more productive throughout the day as a whole.

I'm toying with working for 50 minutes with a rest of about 10.

As an alarm clock going off every 50 minutes would be distracting to everyone else in the office I used Gnome's inverse-colours-view tool to alert me. Using a combination of Alarm Clock 0.3.1 in Gnome with xdotool I can set all the windows on my desktop to inverse colours when the alarm goes off. This is both silent and unmissable.

Just set the command "/usr/bin/xdotool key Super+m" in the Start Application option of Alarm Clock.

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