International Day Against DRM

Posted by Nathan Wong on 4th May 2012

May the 4th isn't only (as Dave so subtly alluded to), Star Wars day, but also the FSF's International Day Against DRM.

DRM can be a huge problem for genuine, paying consumers across a range of media: computer software, music, video and even books. One of my personal bugbears is how difficult HBO make it to access their content online: their close links with the large US cable networks make it absolutely impossible to pay for HBO shows without signing up for a much larger package (in the UK, with Sky). DRM has been extended to such a point that it actively prevents some people for paying to access content.

Dan York has written a great article on his personal issues with DRM particularly with respect to books.

To celebrate the occasion, O'Reilly are making all of their (DRM free!) ebooks available for half price.