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Hacking your passwords

Posted by on 17th December 2010

Hacking your passwords


People are still using the word "password" as their computer password. I think it needs to stop.

There is no reason you should use the word password and even if you don't you probably will use the same password (albeit with small variations) for many services.


I know this is true because I used to do it myself and when ever someone divulges a password for some reason – like fixing their computer – I always enjoy the look on their face when I ask whether it's also their banking password.


I've since overcome the overwhelming volume of password requirements by using a combination of Keepass and Dropbox.


Keepass uses an encrypted database to store all your passwords with links to the sites you use them on and has an auto type feature to fill the user and pass boxes on a mouse click. It also has a generator to create passwords so you don't have to make them up yourself.


Use this software with a free Dropbox account and you can have your secure password library available anywhere with an internet connection. It's even available on your Android phone. As well as Windows, Mac and Linux. You can always keep a copy on a flash drive as a backup.


Stop using the password password!


This post was inspired by that of a post on One man and his blog blog.