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Benefits of having a mobile application

Posted by D C on 28th March 2012

There’s been a sensation about smart phones recently in particular Apples iPhone, and much speculation about its advantages and disadvantages, usefulness of developing applications.

Why is it beneficial to have your own mobile application?

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Tips for Android Tablet Development

Posted by Nathan Wong on 5th November 2011

Last month the British Android community gathered together (with a sizable international presence, including the Bangalore Android Group) for Droidcon UK, a huge conference in the Islington Design Centre to discuss all things Android.

Whilst a full breakdown of the two days of talks, barcamp and democamp is still forthcoming, I thought that one thread that ran through the whole conference, as well as the Labs hosted by Google the day before, was worth exploring separately.

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Two days at Over the Air 2011

Posted by Nathan Wong on 21st October 2011

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to travel to the beautiful Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes for an event called Over The Air, a community-run conference for mobile development featuring an overnight hack-a-thon.

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HP Touchpad - A Brief Review

Posted by Nathan Wong on 23rd September 2011

I was lucky enough last month to pick up a shiny new HP Touchpad in their firesale after HP announced they were withdrawing from the market.

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Thoughts on GHUnit test failures using method isMemberOfClass where isKindOfClass could work

Posted by on 4th August 2011
Tagged: TDD, Unit tests
If you’re following the Test Driven Development process (TDD) on iOS using GHUnit (and OCMock) you might have to test that an object is of the class you expected.

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Windows Phone 7 hands-on

Posted by Nathan Wong on 15th July 2011

Earlier this week I got my hands on a Windows Phone 7 handset, and have been using it extensively over the last few days to get as familiar with the platform as possible.

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Free iPhone wallpapers - Thailand Edition

Posted by Simon Bos on 23rd March 2011

iphone wallpapers 3

A couple of us have returned from some well-earned rest in Thailand. Here is a new set of free iPhone wallpapers; a kind of holiday gift!

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Hacking your passwords

Posted by on 17th December 2010
Tagged: Security
Stop using the password password!

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More iPhone wallpapers - Spain edition

Posted by Simon Bos on 20th September 2010

iphone wallpapers 2

Its the "Yes, I've been on holiday in Spain recently" update!

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HTC Desire (Android) - Where's that &%*$ pound sign?

Posted by Stuart Forster on 16th September 2010

Where's the pound symbol

Something that slightly annoyed me for a while on my Android powered HTC Desire was "where's that bloody pound symbol?". How to find it is shown above.

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