Photos from our Christmas parties

Posted by Simon Bos on 16th December 2013
Tagged: Christmas

Christmas 2013 1

Gravitywell was lucky enough to have three Christmas parties this year! Here are some photos of us in various states of inebriation.

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Help! My Twitter feed isn't working!

Posted by James Tease on 13th June 2013
Tagged: twitter, api, error

On the 11th of June, Twitter deprecated version 1 of it's API and encouraged users to update applications and websites to use the newest version, 1.1. This means that websites which hadn't already been updated to use the newest version would no longer display tweets

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Fancy a cuppa?

Posted by Laura Nevo on 30th April 2013

Mary O'Malley Ceramic 01

Some animal design inspiration!

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6 Tips for Chrome's Web Tools

Posted by James Tease on 7th March 2013


Chrome's Web Inspector (or equivalent in other browsers - even Internet Explorer!) is incredibly useful in testing sites - here's a few tips for getting the most out of it!

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Creative team exercise : design a bus

Posted by Laura Nevo on 30th January 2013


Innovation always starts in someone's mind first, not in endless lines of codes or pretty gradients. In design, it is known that breaks are important to find solutions to a problem, avoid burnout and let ideas mature. It's not something you'd obtain by forcing yourself to work on your computer until something comes to your mind.
Last Friday at Gravitywell, we decided to drop the monitor (not litteraly) in order to release our creativity.

Bus Exercise 00

Last Friday at Gravitywell, we decided to drop the monitor (not litteraly) in order to release our creativity.

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Branching and Merging in Git

Posted by James Tease on 28th January 2013
Using branches in version control software is an incredibly useful tool when developing. So, why (and how) should you use branching?

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Snow in Bristol

Posted by Laura Nevo on 21st January 2013
Tagged: snow, sledging, fun


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The invisible artwork: it's not just the final product

Posted by Laura Nevo on 17th January 2013

Kerning me softlyKERNING ME SOFTLY, your new TV show! John has five hours to find the perfect kerning of a 521 pages secret document, or a group of terrorists will execute his family.

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Christmas news :

Posted by Laura Nevo on 20th December 2012
Tagged: Christmas

Gravy it well


Gravitywell wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We will be enjoying our well deserved Christmas holiday from 24th December and will be returning on 7th Janurary 2013.

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iPhone App Launch: Hidden Bristol

Posted by Deborah Hare on 21st November 2012
Tagged: apps, Hidden Bristol

Hidden Bristol - small

Discover the other side of the city with the Hidden Bristol iPhone app!

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